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About Us

S i m p l y   w h a t   w e   d o

Aviabase is an independent consultancy firm in business aviation specialized in marketing, sales and business development. Headquartered alongside the historical canals of Amsterdam, Aviabase was founded in March 2017 by Dennis Göppel, an industry expert with years of experience in business aviation and the hospitality industry (read more).


At Aviabase, we believe that creating effective marketing and sales strategies should not be rocket science and that getting ahead is simply by getting started. Therefore, we offer a variety of marketing and business development services that can help you to reach your goals.


Aviabase can support you in many aspects whereas you will have the benefit of not having to hire full-time employees and getting a lot more than "only" marketing and sales expertise. On top, you will maintain efficiency among your existing staff and lose no time training agencies or consultants from outside the industry. By using our services, you will be able to easily scale up your marketing and sales efforts and keep up with the latest trends, without a learning curve. Last but not least, you will be profiting from an outside perspective to provide you with an unbiased advise and tailor made solutions.

Our main consultancy services focus around the following domains:

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Business Development

  • Network & Resources (B2B)

  • Project Management

  • Software (SaaS & PaaS)

  • Strategic Partnerships (read more)

  • Cloud Computing (read more)

  • Industry Events

  • Public Relations (read more)

Are you interested to explore opportunities to grow your business with Aviabase? We speak Dutch, German and English and we would be very delighted to hear from you to learn more about your organization and your plans. Please also do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to share some thoughts (perhaps over a coffee ☕ in Amsterdam) or if you are simply looking for an independent advise.

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